The need to cut material of any sort efficiently gave rise to the first saws. Adding a motor to power the blade has made the whole process much less labour intensive.
Circular Saws Circular Saws

A mainstay of many workshops, both for the professional and DIY enthusiast

Jigsaws Jigsaws

With their narrow blades, jigsaws are able to cut intricate shapes

Sabre Saws Sabre Saws

Horizontal reciprocating blades for heavier duty cutting tasks

Chainsaws Chainsaws

Petrol or electric chainsaws for the professional or home user

Sword Saws Sword Saws

A wonderful chainsaw for timber framing, site renovation and roofing

Alligator Saws Alligator Saws

The builder's best friend; smooth and accurate cutting in wood, aerated concrete or clay block

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