Safety Gear

Healthy New Year's resolutions and how to stick to them

Every year we resolve to make ourselves better in some way but by the end of January those good intentions don't always go to plan. One resolution you should always stick to however is looking after your health. In the workshop this doesn't mean intensive fitness sessions or mountains of kale. Keep it simple by wearing the right safety gear.

As good as quitting smoking

Even if you don't smoke, always protecting yourself from harmful dust particles is the best resolution you can give your lungs.

Smock being used while woodturning

Get in Shape

Don't worry if you think you need to lose a few pounds, whatever your shape there's a smock to fit.

Safety specs

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Protect your vision and read more clearly as you work. A pair of bi-focal safety spectacles for when you need to be able to see close up.

Power tool extractors

Stay at your most productive

Not only does the right extraction remove harmful dust from the air it also helps to increase productivity. A clearer line of sight of the workpiece and less clogging of the abrasive when sanding results in more doing what you need to and less time and money wasted switching abrasives.

Students on an Axminster Skill Centre course

Learn a new skill or start a new hobby

You don't have to do it by yourself, get some help to get you started. Quickly learn some new woodworking, engineering or craft related skills at the Axminster Skill Centre.

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