First Look: New PROXXON cordless power tools

We’re extremely excited to introduce all new 10.8V battery-powered versions of the three bestselling tools in the PROXXON MICROMOT range:
IBS Professional Drill Grinder, BS Belt Sander and the LHW Long Neck Angle Grinder.

PROXXON battery-powered tools include...

What's included?

10.8V Lithium-ion battery with 2.6Ah; performance equal to PROXXON mains powered. Battery charges in 1 hour, with at least 30 minutes run time in continuous use.


Compact, ergonomic and well balanced with a powerful, quiet, long-lasting DC motor.


Kits supplied with sturdy tool case.

PROXXON Battery-Powered Drill/Grinder IBS/A

PROXXON Battery-Powered Drill/Grinder IBS/A

A high quality, professional MICROMOT rotary tool combines the features of its mains equivalent with the convenience of being cordless. Suitable for drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, cleaning, cutting, engraving and signing.

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PROXXON Battery-Powered Belt Sander

PROXXON Battery-Powered Belt Sander BS/A

Suitable for grinding small openings, finishing of moulds, surfaces, radii, grooving, deburring and chamfering of precision parts. Change of angle is easy at the touch of a button between the head and body by 60° for easier access.

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PROXXON Battery-Powered Long Neck Angle Grinder

PROXXON Battery-Powered Long
Neck Angle Grinder LHW/A

Perfect for work on steel, non-ferrous metal, glass, ceramics, wood and plastic. It can cut, texture, sand or grind. With an extended neck allowing easy access into narrower, hard to get to spaces.

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Proxxon Lithium-Ion Battery LI/A

PROXXON Lithium-Ion Battery LI/A

10.8V Lithium-ion battery 2.6Ah for a performance comparable to mains powered counterparts. Battery charge will last at least 30 minutes, even in continuous use.

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PROXXON Rapid Battery Charger LG/A

PROXXON Rapid Battery Charger LG/A

Charges the PROXXON Lithium-ion battery in one hour, with integrated temperature control for safety.

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