A magnificent collection of modelling tools from the world's brand leaders in model making. All you will need from those essential tools to the more specialised, niche products; giving you the ability to create precise, accurate, high quality models, whether you're making model aircrafts or designing architectural models.

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Develop your skills within the diverse range of woodworking, engineering and associated crafts, with courses led by our skilled tutors offering students a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm - view courses...


Illuminate your workspace

LightCraft offer lamps to fit all types of workspaces, including those with magnifying screens to show your work in the best light, making it even easier to achieve perfection in those close up detailed tasks! - view the range...


Tailor-made tools for special projects. A world leader in hobby and precision related tools


Powerful, long lasting cutting and shaping tools that finish as they cut!


Dedicated to creating and manufacturing high speed rotary tools of the highest quality

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