Fixing a storage unit

Bring Spring to your space

Spring is all about rejuvenation and, with the extra holiday, now is the perfect time to bring some inspiration to your house. Whether you're renovating tired rooms or bringing the kitchen back to life, you don't want to spend all day doing it. So get the DIY done in double time with these time saving tools.

Replacing a bathroom tile


From tarpaulins to tile cutters, there's everything you need to get the decorating done.

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Life's too short to spend cleaning brushes after a hard day's work
All you need to fit a kitchen

Kitchen renovations

We have all you need to fit a kitchen including the new UJK Technology Professional Coping Sled, invaluable for making cabinet doors.

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Put your mark on your kitchen by doing the doors yourself
Fixing a coat rack


No DIY disasters with these great tools from Bosch.

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Master multiple jobs with just one tool and no more waiting around for batteries to charge with the wireless wonder
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