Ten of the best 10.8V

Ten of the best 10.8V

With increases to power and capabilities, the smaller size of 10.8V tools give you full control and the lighter weight makes for effortless working. Combine this with the high levels of performance and what you have are tools that prove the point that good things do actually come in small packages.

Ten of the best 10.8V

Here we have a countdown of some of the best tools in their class and why they're the pocket rockets of the 10.8V range...

Bosch GAS Vacuum Cleaner

10Bosch GAS Vacuum Cleaner

Dust and dirt gets everywhere. This compact vacuum cleaner powerfully sucks up dirt from those difficult to reach places. For sheer ease and convenience the Bosch GAS 10.8V makes the top ten. Read more...

Bosch GDA Sabre Saw

9Bosch GSA Sabre Saw

The most compact sabre saw in its class, so light it can be used one handed and great for cutting in tight spaces. Read more...

Makita JR105DZ CXT Sabre Saw

8Makita JR105DZ CXT Sabre Saw

A versatile sabre saw. Two grip positions and the ability to be fitted with either sabre saw or jigsaw blades this sabre saw gives you the flexibility to make the cuts you need to. Read more...

Bosch GWB Angle Drill Driver

7Bosch GWB Angle Drill Driver

With a chuck that moves to five different positions, this is an indispensable tool for when you can't get into those awkward positions with a regular screwdriver or drill.

Bosch GRO Rotary Multitool

6Bosch GRO Rotary Multitool

When the extra attention to detail makes a big difference to the finish. Cutting, sanding, polishing, routing or drilling the GRO 10.8V has so many useful applications. Read more...

Makita HS301DZ Circular Saw

5Makita HS301DZ Circular Saw

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre this circular saw is well balanced and perfect for installation work. Read more...

Bosch GKS Circular Saw

4Bosch GKS Circular Saw

When working with thinner stock, such as laminate flooring, larger saws can become unwieldy. The Bosch GKS 10.8V has excellent ergonomics, is lightweight and is ideal for trimming stock. Read more...

FEIN ASCM 12 C 4 Speed Brushless Drill Driver 12V

3FEIN ASCM 12 C 4 Speed Brushless Drill Driver 12V

Batteries with a value between 10.8V and 12V can be declared as 10.8V or 12V which is how FEIN describe their 12V brushless drill driver. A 4-speed gearbox and removable chuck make this a unique drill driver in the 10.8V class.

2Bosch GSB Combi Drill & i-BOXX Case

A little gem. Drives screws and the hammer mode drills up to 10mm diameter in masonry. This 10.8V powerhouse is a great addition to any tool kit.

1Festool TXS Li 2.6 Drill Driver Set

With the interchangeable chucks you can adapt the drill to the demands of the job. The elbow adaptor is ideal for getting to those hard to reach screws and for working around corners. As Festool say: "you don't have to be big to achieve great things."

A point to consider

If you're starting out with a new 10.8V tool, it's important to consider the range you're buying into and which tools will work best for the jobs you need. Once you own your first tool and battery set it can then make it economical to buy body only tools and buy extra batteries if you need them as you start to build up your collection.

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