Veritas are a world leader in woodworking tool product research, development and manufacturing.

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Made in Canada to the highest standards, Veritas have 250 tools in production. With years of development and testing in producing a unique mix of traditional and innovative styling, Veritas Tools offer only the best woodworking tools.

From planes and chisels to saws, precision measuring devices and more, Veritas has a lot to offer.

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Our Favourites

'How to' the Vic Tesolin way

Cabinet Scraping

Precision Square

What type of blade?

The O1 blade sharpens easily and is a good choice for rapid honing. The PM-V11
can take a clean edge and hold it for up to twice as long!

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Windsor Chair Course

Windsor Chair Course

This action packed 5 day course, covering a range of woodworking skills, enables you to complete and take home a fully finished Windsor chair.

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Sharpening Course

Sharpening Course

Come to our Skill Centre and learn the art of hand tool sharpening from our expert tutors in an exciting one day course.

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