WEEE Regulations

All electrical equipment must be disposed of in an environmentally friendy way to prevent pollution


As a responsible retailer, Axminster Tool Centre Ltd is working with you to ensure all electrical and electronic goods are disposed of safely and correctly to minimise negative impact on the environment.

Did you know that the new government legislations - The Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations (known as WEEE), has been introduced? This means that all electrical and electronic equipment must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way in order to prevent pollution.

As a responsible retailer, Axminster Power Tool Centre Ltd is working with you to ensure all electrical and electronic goods are disposed of safely and correctly to minimise negative impact on the environment.

How Axminster is helping you with WEEE

When purchasing new electrical and electronic equipment from Axminster, our staff are available to inform you of the options available to help you dispose of unwanted electrical items.

We cannot take back items on your behalf. Nor can we collect any unwanted electrical goods from your home. But we can give you all the information you need to make sure your personal electrical waste is disposed of safely.

Designated Collection Facilities (DCFs)

We have joined a national scheme that gives our customers access to a network of Designated Collection Facilities (DCFs) around the UK. When you purchase a new electrical item from Axminster, you will be able to dispose of the old one free of charge via the Designated Collection Facilities. The waste will then be treated so that hazardous elements cannot contaminate the environment, and where possible the item will be recycled.

What you should do to help comply with WEEE


As a householder you have an important role to play in the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment to ensure that it is disposed of appropriately. Goods should not be thrown away with the household waste for landfill as this could cause contamination. Products featuring a symbol of a crossed out wheelie bin will inform you that they should be recycled. As well as electrical and electronic goods, this includes household items such as certain light bulbs.

Who else will help you?

Local Authorities are responsible for managing, collecting and disposing much of the UK's waste material. Ring your local council and ask for the Waste Management Department who will provide you with details of recycling and collection services available.

Further information

For further information please visit www.recycle-more.co.uk - This one-stop recycling information centre provides help and advice on all aspects of recycling and will direct you to your nearest Designated Collection Facility (DCF).

B2B Take Back Scheme

Be Positive

If you are a Business User of our products (B2B) and have purchased the products in this capacity you can apply to us to dispose of your unwanted and "end of life" electrical and electronic tools and machinery, providing they are within the scope of the legislation.

You will need to notify our Customer Service department of your request, on 03332 406406, prior to your despatch and they will authorise you with a Returns Number. You will send the tool back to us together with a signed letter requesting that we dispose of the product on your behalf and that you give the product to us at no cost. We will then arrange for its safe disposal at an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF); we will not advise you of the number of the waste transfer note disposing of your tool.

Under the Waste Battery Regulations Axminster Tool Centre is now offering a take back scheme for all portable waste batteries. All of our stores will provide facilities for taking back alkaline household batteries and all types of rechargeable power tool batteries. Boxes and bins for the return of these types of batteries can be found at our stores.

Please follow these simple steps and help us dispose of your unwanted batteries safely.

  • Only return batteries in person, do not mail them to us at any address
  • Only return batteries that are for household items ie, AA or AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Only return power tool batteries from portable power tools.
  • Do not take motor bike, car or any other vehicle battery to our stores as these are not classed as portable and will not be accepted.

If you are a customer who has purchased from us by telephone or over the internet then you also have a right to return your used batteries to us in person (please do not post). You can do this by visiting one our stores.

This scheme is also available through many other stores including many supermarkets and shops and there are also collection schemes in many town halls, libraries and schools.

You can also find a local reprocessing site by searching www.recyclenow.co.uk and entering your postcode in the location finder. This will direct you to your nearest civic amenity site that has a battery re-processing facility. For more information about recycling batteries please visit www.recycle-more.co.uk.

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